So, I had the good...wait... great fortune to make my first real public debut at the Rusty Fly Gallery in Kennebunkport last night!

                                                    Rusty Fly Gallery

The stars must have been aligning because it was also their grand opening and the start of Kennebunkport’s Village Art Walks of which there are four scheduled this summer and one more in December. There were fine hors d'oeuvres, wines, even a band playing on the deck outside in a cool early summer breeze as people came in to admire works of art and share in humanity!

                  The "Librarian", pictured under the whales and Capt'n Ahab.

Anyway, it sure was a good feeling to see my work in the company of paintings by artist Peter Sheppard and these amazing wood whale carvings by another artist from Nantucket. Hmmm, could there be a limerick here? Probably, but I’m not going there.

Art! How gratifying! My family has been steeped in art and has had many artists in it; most notably today my sister Wendy Newcomb.

Art. It’s such a personal thing. And it can be anything…paintings, architecture, dance, music, writing…there are no parameters to the category “Art”. 


Furniture. When is it art? Well, there are certainly many examples both now and over time, but when are you allowed…or dare to call it Art?

As I’m designing, and then creating those designs, my thoughts are always ping ponging around between the practical and whimsical. It’s like two conscience advisors sitting on my shoulders, one is strict and saying “make it practical and predictable Pete, stay between the lines, don’t offend convention!” and this other one—a playful muse—is saying “go ahead, freehand that curve or make that angle whatever you feel, so what? Screw convention!”. Honestly, it’s embarrassing sometimes!



My leanings, however, ultimately bend to the urgings of the muse, which also, no surprise, brings the greatest challenges and takes the most time and attention. (Also sometimes makes the biggest contributions to the scrap pile!)

In the end though, there is no comparison to the reward I feel when someone admires my work and speaks of it in the context of art. 


I hope you enjoy my blogs, and as always comments are welcome!