We had the dream, we had the land. Next, Meadowlark Designs needed a workshop. 

In 2014, after studying the subject in length, I designed and began construction of a traditional Norwegian style timber frame barn using all hand tools and hewing mortise and tenon joinery with mallet and chisel. In this process I came to understand, with ever increasing clarity, the logic and beauty of allowing the natural properties of wood to function as integral elements to creating things that stand the test of time. I didn't realize it at the time, but the joinery used in timber framing would become a hallmark of my furniture. 

Wood continues to move long after it is harvested. In fact, it never stops moving. It’s this movement that allows the wood to adjust to varying changes in the environment--primarily temperature and humidity. When hampered and constrained by steel or other rigid elements, or changed with resins and epoxy elements, the wood can no longer “breath” and move as it should. In parts of Europe timber framed structures, including barns and Tudor style structures, have stood the test of time; some for over 1,200 years in the elements! The science of wood is quite involved. Suffice it to say that observing and respecting its fundamental qualities when designing and constructing leads to beautiful and enduring structures, and furniture is no exception.