Designed as a simple, small writing desk to compliment the Highlander chair, this desk is a good size to use in many ways: as a small writing desk, a table for an entryway or an accent table in just about any room. In searching for a name for this piece, I looked up the Gaelic word for “writing desk” and found “deasc scríbhneoireachta”. Well, I thought, that won’t do so I whittled it down to Scribe which is the root for the second word.

Very solidly built from white oak with stout joinery throughout, this piece also features many soft curves and lines giving it a sculpted feel with a hint of oriental styling blended with Gaelic country and mission influences. The finish is pure Tung oil with a light lacquer on the table surface for protection from stains and a hard wax over all.

Wedged through tenons secure the legs and corbels to the top, which also features full length mortised breadboard ends for style and stability. The corbels are tenoned into the gently angled legs and are also tusk tenons for the shelf creating unparalleled rigidity and racking resistance. The shelf is backed by a tastefully shaped retaining lip to prevent items from rolling off the back and is tenoned to the legs as well as the shelf itself. Strength with grace are good words to describe its build characteristics.

This piece, with or without its brethren chair, is truly unique and creates a welcome style compliment to almost any décor.